Friday, September 23, 2011


Blank page, real words, beautiful feelings, resplendent music, actual world, wonderful rhythm and soothing wind. Why do these things appeal me? What is so ingrained in them that pulls my heart towards these expressions? Why do even questions of these sort appear?

The answers are something I know not of. A smile in my face does a good deal when things don't go the way it should. And then, everything else seem to smile together, including even the thoughts that  by then, lasts no more. These divine things have their own glory, only if we could have modes to decode them, instruments to measure them, ways to describe them and the realization that they actually exist.

I write today without taking into consideration the need to logic or sense that usually words function under the realm of. That is because when the words no more flow from the brain, it flows from an individual unconscious. And I call the individual unconscious as one's spirit, one's Atma.

There were days on earth where people asked questions. They still do, the only difference being, they have started getting answers. Do I make sense today or am I letting the sense to make itself. Perhaps sense need to be invented. But how do you do that?

One glorious moment of history had a time when a personality with a blue face, with a divine smile and presence just closed his eyes and the flute in his hand told it all - the glory of the beauty this universe has. His name was Krishna. Do we today, have enough silence to decode the universal appeal of music? Do we any more, understand how beautifully this world is made? How do humans endeavour to find out the questions they have forgotten to ask?

Silence, today, treats me as though I was her best friend. The wind of silence and peace flows by my hand in such pleasure and joy as though it wants to nurture me in her mirthful warmth and delightful motherly touch. And when it passes by just like the tender touch of a child, peace grows like maturity itself!

History is at its apex. Time has its testimony. This very moment is what we have got. This shall surely remain but the more you delay, the more you will miss. This is the time that makes me realize what redness has in store for me and that yellow has its own glory and green, its own dances to display. This is the only moment we have where the colours speak, the winds sing, the pictures express, the beauty shows and the grace bestows.

Today, I refuse to follow the rules of logic and intelligence and sequence. Because the rules have begun to invent itself. When a line speaks by itself, the rules only carries the outer function. The real function of a word is comprehended by the heart - and indeed the heart knows how it feels like while making sense in a realm that was never before accessed. When we know how to derive meaning out of seemingly uncalculated, 'un'-thought, unplanned and illogical lines, than do we venture into knowing that there are as many worlds away from this brain as the brain itself can count. But alas! The brain in its blunt ignorance has been considering itself as the sole and pure source of knowledge. Please! Existance is much much more than what this brain and the senses make us see. It is difficult indeed to know that this brain, unfortunately, can not take you to the world of joy.  And yes, JOY is the word. The brain can indeed spell it, J...O...Y...and tell you its meaning, but it is only the 'heart' that will make you FEEL it!

So do you allow me today to make no sense and actually make the biggest sense? Do you permit me to take you somewhere which is nowhere near the world of logic and actually take you to the world that in fact, exists? Do you today, escuse me for speaking out for what comes out and flows out sponteniously straight from some corner of a world I can only FEEL? Do you then, please let me end here witout a conclusion because the empty space that I'll leave after this sentence will have meaning only your heart will understand...............................................................................

Thursday, September 22, 2011


There is a word used in the Indian Sub-continent called 'Nirmal' which basically means 'pure'. The relevance of this word, in today's world seems to have lost to such a degree that it feels almost scary to even jot down a few lines along the meaning of that word. The world needs a better platform to function if we need to know how is it that things make difference. And when the world knows how to do that, it will be a day that has been awaited.

But, despite the fact that in today's world people are more offended than pleased talking about 'purity', I would none-the-less like to venture into taking the risk. When mankind knows, ultimately, what he has lost, it will be too late to even repent. But purity is a state that humans can not lose in totality. That good news apart, it is perhaps essential to note honestly that one among many things that we have lost is our 'Nirmal' quality; the purity - the innocence.

My mind, at this very moment is blank while thinking how is it that humans will ever realize the proximity of their being to what I would like to call as purity. For convenience sake I will define purity as a quality that reflects the image of God in its spectacular form - that image which resounds the silence of reality, the stillness of time, the romance of the nature and the magnificent value of living.

Anything that has no speckle on it would be called as pure - just like a scar-less mirror that reflects the image in its real form. It is just like the dew drop shining in the earliest time of the day, absolutely untouched and essentially silent and beautiful. But no man is either the nature or the dew; neither are they the sun or the moon. What are they? They are the only creatures on earth who can describe all of them. They are the ones who can decode the joy out of things that are ordinarily perceived otherwise. But, Alas! There is a catch! Humans can no more enjoy everything they see. They have become grumpy animals who are no more happy about what the nature has to give them or display to them in its utmost genuineness and, again, 'purity'! Is it because they have themselves lost their purity? Possibly, and in most likelihood.

But, evaluating whether or not they have lost their purity land us nowhere near the answer to the question, how do humans find a way to enjoy again? How would they be equipped again with the level of consciousness that knows how to appreciate, enjoy and live?

The pure side of the unconscious can make things change for the better. It is essential, however, to realize that all of us are seeking a transformation that has the potential to achieve PURITY that allows us to go back to where we originally were. But humans are not like mirrors where the scratches can not be mended anymore. Purity can be regained and re-established and it MUST be. How else can we reflect the seemingly ordinary and mundane things in its joy and mirth - that they are primarily meant to be?

Do we have time to look at the azure of the sky and the magnificent grey of the clouds and its enchanting movements and patterns? Do we, anymore, have time to listen to the chirping and singing of the birds above in the sky or those on the trees? They may be saying something to you! Do we anymore have the need to take a glance at the picturesque green of the nature and the spectacular vigour of the flowers swaying just on our ways. They perpetually tell us 'What are you sad about, smile like us'!

But to hear those voices, and to see and experience those beauties, there needs to be a pure heart. We must be able to take our attention away from our daily doses of thinking loads of nothing but sex, violence, drugs, fashions or gold! The mind must rest in peace. It must get rid of the ripples that perpetually fritters away their attention. How can a lake reflect the clear image of the sky until it is swaying with ripples all over itself? Have you ever tried the power of silence? Have you ever experienced the magnificence of simplicity? Have you ever danced in the glory of silence and have you ever beaten the drums of glory? This sounds platonic and heavily utopian, but I wish I could make you believe that there is nothing more easily achievable than this.

Purity is all about seeing things in its right perspective. Its about being a healthy human being. It is about writing, feeling and experiencing reality in its real shape. Like writing this essay would not essentially be possible without the aid of instruments like a paper, pen and a 'willing' hand; reality or living in it would essentially not be possible without the aid of instruments like purity and of course, a 'willing' heart - the willingness being of nothing, but just to take rest for a change; sit down with a blank mind or a blank page and enjoy the beauty that flows like the ripple-less ripples of lake OR....start writing down without thinking!!

Pretty much like what I am doing!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to be silent and enjoy the PURITY even more. Bye!