Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Closed-eye Outpouring!

Today is the day i would begin, if chance was given, the journey to the bliss of world. Today is the day i would ride, if chance was given, the horse of time. Today is the day i would, if silence would consider, experience the mirth of silence. In the deep revelation of love, the world would shine and be the most merciful of all . Yet when flowers bloom and than the sky open the only desire that flows is that of love, compassion,  joy and bliss.

Give me this day a chance to tell you that what i experience is the truth that mankind had been seeking for ages. The numbing sensation is the silence that heart can feel. let me not be deluded to think that it is me who writes this and does this. indeed, the dooer, enjoer and player is the inner consciousness, the light of spirit, the generator of this smile in would call it God, I would call it the silence of existence itself...the consciousness which is the representative of universal cosmos. I can see the wide horizon that lies beyond the sixth dimension of senses and mind, and the vision that i see today is of coming hallow that is going to englolf mankind with actualization of dreams that had long been their desire to see - the dream of love, and the dream of nothingness and silence.