Monday, December 27, 2010


From the upheaval of evil and the depth of dissipation,
To misuse the concept of fun,
From the trend of unmeasured cruelty,
To accelerate the deeds so filthy,
Oh Lord! Let the members of my family go to oblivion!

Lord listens to truth, truth fruits to lord,
If listened to truth, truth appears one's sword,
To feel the blessedness of god, a lot,
Not here, nothing there, is to be sought.
Oh God! Let the members of my society succumb to honesty!

Deception be abandoned to its full,
Righteousness, to succeed, be one's tool.
When all hands stand, in heaven to land,
We find ways to shine the layers of our sand. 
Almighty! Let the members of my  country believe in fortitude!

Let the hands be one, one be the motion,
With the respect shown, flown be one's notion,,
When fingers rise, not to the size of foes,
We allow the heart in self, to rise in toes,
Oh Creator! Let this world sustain in unity!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Only the sound of gushing winds goes by,
Only the thoughts of missing things here lie,
Only the feeling of painful shy.
Yet, the plentiful joy of life is never to die.

Only the tears of melancholy flows on,
Only the sparkle of moonlight here shone,
Only the birds of happiness, above flown,
Only the loneliness feels I'm along.
Yet, it's the seeds of love and compassion here sown!

Only the never-ending wants of humankind goes,
Only the acts of greedy conscience, a man shows,
Only the vicious mission of evil in heart grows,
Only the virtue men had of "Love" froze.
Yet, it's on feet where humans stand, not on toes!

Only the words of kindness is mine,
Only the lights of virtue in my heart shine,
Only the evil, rest all, let go in line,
Only the words of divinity and divine itself is fine.
Yet, save me lord, the dinner of wicked if I dine...!