Friday, May 27, 2011


On That Smile of Yours!

Shall I say that it glitters with glare?
Or that it speckles with a bloom known not of?
With a radiance of gem would its description share?
Or to describe your smile, do words fall short of?

I do not see heaven in your smile,
For, zenith of a different glory does it read,
A journal of its own kind does it file,
A bud of flower grown from its own seed.

Where from have you come? Where of have you been?
Oh dear smile, I have waited for you long,
A damsel of quest for ages, longed to be seen,
Here you finally are, the horrid elixir of the drunken song!

A genial, gentle touch of mirth as if growing with moments,
A pleasant pasture of prime providence as if timely bestowed,
As if, sweet melodies of love's words it comments,
As if, wondrous grace of sway it best showed!

Have I done it than I wonder, the grand task?
The task of doing justice to your existence.
Oh great smile, you will be the one to survive the last,
And time shall bear witness to your magical instance!!